• Uber and Ola found to violate driver rights in robo-firing of workers.
  • Court REJECTS Uber and Ola arguments that disclosure of information about fraud allegations made against the workers would undermine platform security & expose trade secrets.

  • Uber and Ola Cabs ordered to provide information to workers on automated decision making relating to work allocation and fares including dynamic pay & pricing.

  • Court rules that secret worker profiling and management assessments are personal data and must be disclosed.

  • Ruling a bittersweet victory as the UK government advances a bill through parliament this month which strips workers of the rights successfully claimed in this ruling.

In a series of historic and wide-ranging digital rights rulings, the Court of Appeals in Amsterdam has found in favour of workers and against Uber and Ola Cabs. Worker Info Exchange brought the cases in support of members of the App Drivers & Couriers Union in Great Britain and a driver based in Portugal.

The cases were brought under the GDPR which guarantees everyone the right to demand access to their personal data processed by any organisation and to receive meaningful information about the processing of such data. In addition, the GDPR gives everyone certain protections from automated decision making where there are significant negative consequences.

Read more here: https://www.workerinfoexchange.org/post/historic-digital-rights-win-for-wie-and-the-adcu-over-uber-and-ola-at-amsterdam-court-of-appeal

Amsterdam Court of Appeal Win over Uber and Ola

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