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Uber agrees to crucial changes as it accepts UK drivers are workers

After years of worker/union-led litigation, #Uber will classify their drivers (NOT riders) in the UK as 'workers' (min wage, holiday pay, union rights & more). Turning point for the #gigeconomy. Battle on definition of 'working time' ahead. Still, wow.

Uber agrees to classify UK drivers as workers with benefits
Uber driver and president of the App Drivers & Couriers Union, Yaseen Islam, poses with a poster outside the Supreme Court in London on the day of the judgment © FT Montage/AP
Full story @ Financial Times

SEC Filing sets out further details

Holiday time based on 12.07% of earnings. Drivers automatically enrolled into a pension plan with contributions from Uber.

So you can have employment rights and flexibility after all!

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi / Daniel Hambury/@stellapicsltdAnd here is Dara's op-ed in the Evening Standard. We'll need to analyse what this means in detail, but today is undeniably a MASSIVE day for decent work in the #gigeconomy. Thinking of the drivers, claimants, unions, organisers & lawyers that got us here.

Source: Ruwan Subasinghe via Twitter

Ruwan SubasingheRuwan Subasinghe
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