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Uber Drivers Will Not Be Heard at Senate Enquiry

Rideshare Driver Network (RDN), the largest professional association representing rideshare
drivers in Australia, has been denied the opportunity to appear in person at the Senate
enquiry into the “Closing Loopholes” bill.

The bill, which aims to close loopholes that undermine pay and conditions for workers, especially those in the gig economy, is currently before the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee. The committee has invited submissions from interested individuals and organisations and has scheduled public hearings to hear from witnesses.

Uber has been granted an audience and will speak directly to Senators at the enquiry today. RDN, which has over 3,900 members, has made a submission to the enquiry but has been denied the opportunity to appear at the public hearing. RDN believes that this decision is unfair and unjust, as it silences the voices of those most directly affected by the proposed legislation.

RDN President, Debra Wedall, said: “We are extremely disappointed and frustrated that the committee has denied our request to appear at the hearing. We represent thousands of drivers who work hard every day to provide a safe and reliable service to the public. Drivers have a right to be heard and to share their lived experience. This bill will dramatically change their working lives.”

Wedall added: “This bill targets exploitation of Australian workers by big multinationals, including Uber. We ask why they are given an audience, while the workers are denied access. We will not give up our fight for fair pay and conditions for all drivers.”

RDN is a not-for-profit association of drivers working together to improve their jobs and their industry. RDN provides practical help and information to drivers, raises money for drivers in need, and advocates for better pay and conditions for all drivers. RDN is also a founding member of the International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers (IAATW) and has close working relationships with other driver groups around the world.
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